Revenue Collection

Customized solutions to manage revenue collection

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Our Revenue Collection segment provides customized solutions to client needs through on-site,day-to-day support, as well as tools for measuring and management.

Sales & Statistics

Our systems provide accurate synced information and statistics that help clients use and manage their revenue and

Support & Hardware Solutions

Our segment also provide the right IT hardware required to work alongside our Revenue Collection systems as well as the IT helpdesk solutions and know how to get your project off the ground and provide training and support.

About Electronic Revenue Collection (ERC)

Book Now’s all-in-one integrated revenue collection systems are designed to enhance and simplify the process of revenue collection for corporate, government and municipality clients. 

Our solutions are built to be modular and provide a great seamless customer experience that is affordable, can be scaled and integrates with client’s current operational procedures.

What Book Now’s Revenue Collection Systems can do for you:

• Provide real-time revenue statistics with business intelligence, reporting and account/payment activity.

• Import & Export Data using our reporting tools that can be integrated into 3rd party tools such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel and Adobe Reader.

• Modular solutions that allow clients to add and remove features and systems based on client need and location.

• Structured software design with relevant hierarchy authority levels and IS audit trails.

Our Verticals

Our ERC systems can work in the following industries






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